Facebook set to launch music offering in September

Facebook is readying the launch of a music service that will be available later this month, according to reports.



Reuters has reported that Facebook is to announce partnerships with music services such as Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, Slacker and Rdio at the F8 conference on 22 September.

The social network has previously been rumoured to have a music service in the pipeline and in June was reported to be looking to partner with existing streaming services.

Facebook already has a partnership with Spotify, allows users of the streaming service to share songs and playlists with their friends.

The strategy to partner with already established services falls in line with chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s wider plan for Facebook, in which he wants to provide the social infrastructure to layer on additional technology partners.

Speaking at the announcement of the social network’s partnership with Skype to offer video chat in July, Zuckerberg said Facebook plans to work with “companies that are best in class in their industry, producing apps on a social infrastucture”.

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