Facing up to the digital challenge

Robert Dwek is absolutely right to emphasise the intimate nature of online communications (MW April 29) but as the Google example shows, increased intimacy brings many other problems.

Clients say they want to have direct and regular dialogue with customers, but I wonder whether the inevitable complications of that relationship is scaring many of them, and their agencies, off.

Traditional agencies have had to make “cultural” adjustments since the days when they ruled supreme in the marketing world. Each wave of marketing skill spawned a new communications sector: after above the line it was below the line, and then through the line. The new challenger is digital – and some agencies are handling it better than others.

The proper use of digital technology means you can make sure communications are relevant, more personal, more engaging, more useful, cheaper and more connected.

The agencies that get it right will be those that use solid marketing principals but are also prepared to explore digital.

Steve Griffiths

Managing partner

DLKW Dialogue

London, WC2


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