Fairtrade Foundation reveals new marketing strategy

The Fairtrade Foundation is launching a new marketing strategy based on “The Big Swap” for its annual Fairtrade Fortnight campaign.


‘The Big Swap’, which runs from 22 February to 7 March, was unveiled today (24 September) at the Fairtrade Foundation’s Commercial Conference.

The organisation is working with advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy for the first time on the project.

The campaign calls on consumers to swap their normal purchases for Fairtrade equivalents. The organisation hopes that one million and one swaps to Fairtrade products will be made during the campaign to move Fairtrade products further into the mainstream.

Fairtrade Foundation marketing director Cheryl Sloan says: “For two weeks we want everybody in the UK joining in the campaign and swapping for Fairtrade. Your usual bananas for Fairtrade bananas, your usual cuppa for a Fairtrade cuppa, your usual T-shirt for a Fairtrade cotton T-shirt.”

Cadbury has recently made all its Dairy Milk products Fairtrade and last week released a music single and video to promote its relationships with cocoa farmers in Ghana.

In May the not-for-profit organization appointed Sloan as its first marketing director tasked with driving sales of accredited Fairtrade products to a £2bn total by 2012.



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