Fairy in marketing push after ruling backs ‘lasts twice as long’ claim

Procter & Gamble is stepping up marketing activity for it Fairy brand after the ad watchdog rejected a complaint made by the licensee for rival Persil that its “last twice as long” claim could not be substantiated.


The print ads will run over the next couple of days and include the headline “Fairy lasts 2x longer than the next best-selling brand”, along with its strapline “That’s Fairyconomy”.

Meanwhile, Fairy is bringing back the 80s ad featuring actress Nanette Newman showing the number of extra plates families can wash if they use the brand for one night only as part of Channel 4’s 80s night on September 20.

The move comes as the Advertising Standards Authority ruled an ad from last year that pitted Fairy against two bottles of an “unknown rival” was not misleading. Robert McBride, which owns the license to market the Persil brand in the UK, had complained the ad was misleading and its claims could not be substantiated.

A spokesman for the brand told Marketing Week that the planned marketing activity will underline to customers that its claims are true.

“For 60 years Fairy has been the leading washing-up brand. There are lots of challengers, but the science has been validated and our claims proved.

“We want to make sure everyone knows it’s true.”



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