Falling head over wheels in love

A word of advice for DMB&B chairman Graham Hinton, officially back on the job market for the first time in ten years – don’t send your CV to the offices of Banks Hoggins O’Shea.

The Diary was recounted a timeless little tale regarding the agency’s colourful managing partner John Banks. Apparently, as a penniless (surely not) and bicycle-based student he managed to persuade the local babe, Debbie, out on a couple of dates. All went well, until a flash git from a local advertising agency swanked up in his new MG and made off with Banks’ girl.

Forlorn Banks put the episode behind him, but some 20 years later was pounced on by his former sweetheart – now a mother of three. It would have been an emotional reunion, but for the fact that she turned up with the same man whose car had carried her away all those years ago. The car and the hairstyle had changed with the years, but the man was still Graham Hinton.


WCRS wins 5m Railtrack sell-off

Marketing Week

WCRS has been appointed by the Department of Transport to handle the controversial 5m Railtrack privatisation campaign. The Labour Party claims the move is a waste of tax payers’ money. WCRS, which will not comment on the account win, saw off competition from GGT, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Leagas Shafron Davis Ayer and BMP […]

Fear and loathing in Kent

Marketing Week

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells are venting their spleen on a brewer which plans to convert their opera house into one of the public variety. Still, at least the songs will improve


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