Familiar ring to Gossard bra ads

Having read about TBWA/ London’s forthcoming campaign (MW last week) for Gossard with the strapline “invisible bra, visible effect”, I was intrigued to come across the latest press ad for chemical company BASF, which had “Invisible Contribution. Visible Success”. The line was used alongside an image of a bridge.

Well, I suppose they both provide support…

Ben Duong

Account manager


London W1


No excuses for Murray’s mauling

Marketing Week

Guys, guys, guys, let’s clear this up. Firstly, Iain Murray was totally out of order with his slanderous comments against football fans. Forgive me if I am wrong, but were his comments not biased, prejudiced and insulting? Are this man’s views not old? Based on these observations, does this not make his column a waste […]

Wanadoo squares up to BT with Livebox

Marketing Week

Wanadoo, the internet service provider owned by France Telecom, is squaring up against BT with the launch of Livebox, a ‘plug-in’ device offering wireless broadband access anywhere in subscribers’ homes. Priced at £79.99, consumers will also need a Wanadoo broadband account, which costs from £17.99 a month.

Centaur Communications to launch new monthly mag

Marketing Week

Centaur Communications, publisher of Marketing Week, is launching Data Strategy, a monthly magazine reflecting the crucial role data plays in driving businesses. The magazine is aimed at those who are responsible for buying and selling data products and services and will demonstrate how data professionals can become a force in the boardroom.


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