Fanta revamps logo with launch of first-ever global identity

After making its first “concerted” global push behind the Sprite brand last year, The Coca-Cola Company has now turned its attention to Fanta.


Source: The Coca-Cola Company via Jones Knowles Ritchie

Fanta is unifying its global brand identity for the first time, with a new logo set to roll out across all of its markets.

Until now Fanta has had an entirely different logo and packaging design in the US compared to its international markets. While the US stuck with the rounded logo introduced in 2010, in 2017 the drink rebranded in the UK and adopted a logo with a more angular font and a green leaf motif, surrounded by a coloured circle to match the flavour. Most of Fanta’s other markets use the same logo as the UK, though some have slight variations.

According to parent organisation The Coca-Cola Company, unifying Fanta’s brand around the world will “[raise] it to sit consistently alongside the other iconic brands by The Coca-Cola Company”, including Coca-Cola and Sprite. The new brand identity is available in-store and online now.

Left: the Fanta logo in the UK since 2017. Right: the new global logo.

Designed in collaboration with Jones Knowles Ritchie, the new logo is close to that rolled out in the UK six years ago, with a similarly angular font and the same inverted blue and white colouring. However, the new logo ditches the coloured circle and green leaf.

Fanta is The Coca-Cola Company’s second oldest brand, founded in 1940. Since launch, its identity and logo have “evolved significantly”, senior director of design, Sue Murphy, says.

“With this refresh, we aimed to crystalise each element of the brand to be bold and iconic so that we could ensure it would stand the test of time and be recognised around the world,” she adds.

Left: the Fanta logo in the US since 2010. Right: the new global logo.

Global vice-president of design, Rapha Abreu, says the redesign also aims to portray a brand that “values spontaneous play”.

“By shifting our focus to reflect an attitude, we were able to revitalise Fanta’s brand assets and reclaim play as something that people of all ages can embrace and benefit from,” he explains.

The Coca-Cola Company also made a “concerted” global push behind the Sprite brand for the first time last year, with the launch of its first-ever global platform ‘Heat Happens’ and a redesign of its packaging. Its first global brand campaign for Sprite Zero followed in February this year.Why Coca-Cola is making a ‘unified’ global push behind the Sprite brand

“Instead of each of the markets doing their own thing, maybe at different times, we are now trying to put all of our efforts together at the same time behind Sprite,” sparkling flavours and brand lead Aaliyah Shafiq-Ely told Marketing Week.

Shafiq-Ely claimed consumers have increasingly global mindsets, with social media eroding borders. It is therefore beneficial for Sprite to bring in a “unified” message so consumers are hearing a single message wherever they go, she said.

Fanta’s rebrand comes just two months after Coca-Cola scrapped the Lilt brand in the UK, rebranding the drink as Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit.

At the end of 2022 Fanta was worth £281m, more than 17 times the value of Lilt, according to NielsenIQ.