Farley’s baby food range to be rebranded as Heinz

Food giant Heinz is planning to phase out the Farley’s baby food brand and is bringing its dry food products, including Farley’s Rusks, under the Heinz umbrella as part of a strategy to bring all of its weaning products under the Heinz brand.

The products will retain an updated version of the Farley’s bear logo and name on-pack while consumers get used to the rebranding, but it will be phased out over time. The Farley’s brand will be retained just for the baby milk range.

A Heinz spokeswoman says it wants to capitalise on the Heinz brand equity but also bring the dry foods under one brand to make it easier for consumers.

The milks range is not being rebranded, as Farley’s has a strong reputation in that area, unlike Heinz.

Heinz is planning to expand the existing Farley’s range and is making provision for increased crosscategory investment.

It is launching four organic products, including butternut squash risotto, and five non-organic meals, including chicken and pumpkin lasagne, with the new branding.

The new products and rebranding will be supported by press advertising, direct mail and a sampling campaign over the next few months. Heinz recently appointed below-the-line agency Liquid to help it to build closer relationships with mothers.

Liquid is expected to identify key customer segments in the babyfood sub-sectors – wet, dry, milks, drinks and fingerfood. The first campaign is expected to be rolled out over the summer.


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