Farmers are sick of Loony Left disease

Was I the only one to spot the April Fool’s joke in George Pitcher column this week? (MW April 5). He quotes some leftie MP friend of his as reckoning 12 million people in the UK alone could be struck down by mad cow disease. I’d like to see that aired in Parliament – whoever the MP is, he (or she) would be laughed out of the House.

The fact is the Labour Party is puffing up this ridiculous beef scare in the hope that it will bring down the Government. The vast majority of farmers are staunch Tory voters, and some would say they are the backbone of this country. Who can blame them for wanting to make a fast buck in the Eighties, along with everyone else, even if it did mean cutting corners? It is they, not the predicted “12 million” potential mad cow sufferers, who are the innocent victims in this fiasco.

Jim Diamond

Milton Keynes



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