Fashion faux pas delivers Chris Eubank mighty blow

Spar enlisted the help of boxing, er, legend Chris Eubank to launch its charity drive The Sparkle Appeal, which aims to raise at least &£400,000 for children’s charities before the millennium.

But the Diary thinks a charity should be set up for sometime-Vivienne-Westwood-model Eubank, perhaps entitled the Help a Hopeless Fashion Victim Fund or the No Matter How You Wear Your Louis Vuitton Satchel, It Will Still Look Like An Old Lady’s Handbag Appeal.

All contributions can be sent to the Diary, which will gladly advise Eubank on his fashion sense – for a small fee, of course.

Chris’ sense of humour, so apparent in his off-the-shoulder dress sense, shines through in his latest foray into advertising, posing for Nescafé under the headline “Thimply the Betht”.

According to Nescafé agency McCann-Erickson, Eubank was happy with the headline but did push for something thimpler, like “God”.


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