Fat chance for obesity when the Belly Busters game is out to play

Everyone has his own ideas on how to solve the UK’s childhood obesity problem.

Everyone has his own ideas on how to solve the UK’s childhood obesity problem.

The Diary’s – to narrow the doorways in cake shops – always seems to be greeted with looks of disgust, and its plan to invent a time machine to stop various governments selling off school playing-fields is usually met with hoots of derision.

Thank heavens then for Sue Andrews, storyteller in residence at Sandwell library and creator of the Belly Busters board game.

Belly Busters is like any other board game, except this one cunningly encourages children to eat fruit and veg, avoid junk food and take regular exercise.

Sue is in the early stages of rolling it out, and hopes it will be in many schools for the new school term.

As well as being available in board game format, a five-metre prototype mat has been designed. The Diary is sure it isn’t alone in believing that this would make an ideal floor covering for every McDonald’s and Burger King in the country.


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