Fat’s the way to do it for me

I can’t be alone in wondering what Iain Murray’s article on the fight against tubbies is all about (MW May 29). While, I agree that the article – which looks at the organisation FAT’s campaign against the obese – is indeed humorous, I feel that the article failed to look at the positive side of being fat and of living with fat people in our community.

First I would like to point out that I personally am always enthusiastic about entering a room full of fat people as it guarantees to give an instant confidence boost and immediately diminishes any previous worries about having put on a few extra pounds.

For those of us who are big- boned and destined never to be thin, having really fat people around is a godsend. I think that a new campaigning organisation should be set up to keep fat people fat and make more thin people fatter.

High-calorie snacks should be given out in public places and the Government and local councils should look to introduce travellators along all pavements so people don’t have to do any exercise at all. All gyms should be closed and all sporting activities should be banned. There should be more fatties on the catwalk and big models on the front of magazines. Burger King should introduce more drive-through restaurants and we should introduce stands at every set of traffic lights selling bacon sandwiches.

And let us not forget the fun and laughter that fat, jolly people bring to our lives. Our country would be a very dull and boring place to live without them.

Jo Heasman

PR manager

Dialogue Marketing Group

Hampton Court, Surrey


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