FCB scheme hits the bullseye

Sunday afternoons just aren’t the same anymore without Bullseye. Unprecedented numbers of speedboat manufacturers have gone into liquidation since. But the Diary is heartened to see the good folk of FCB London proving that you really can’t beat a bit of Bully.

As part of its Playdays programme, in which the agency takes part in a variety activities to make the advertising strategy process “faster, less painful and more enjoyable”, FCB London took on Sandpit, its in-house creative department, in a darts tournament. And, to quote darts commentator Sid Waddell, the atmosphere was so tense, if Elvis had walked in with a portion of chips, you’d have heard the vinegar sizzle.

The final was contested between FCB’s Target and Sandpit’s The Blenders, with Target winning by three sets to one. Target’s Peter Cayliss attributed the win to his misspent years in the pub. It can only be hoped that FCB continues to resurrect schedule-filler sports from the Seventies and Eighties in its Playdays scheme. The tag-team wrestling tournament would be unmissable.


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