FCUK and Diesel show the risks of being risqué

With French Connection relaunching its 1990s FCUK logo and Diesel opting to advertise on Pornhub, provocative campaigns seem the way to go. But the risks are high. It is not just about going where the audience is but making sure the message is relevant or audiences will either zone out or turn against you.

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Secret Marketer

Secret Marketer: Why the office will soon become obsolete

David Coveney

As we get settled into the new year, several people have been asking me about resolutions and predictions for 2016. Although I have never been particularly good at either – a bit like tipping gee-gees at the racecourse – I will put my neck out and forecast that 2016 could be the end of the office as we know it.

Why responsibility is advertising’s ‘burning platform’

Sarah Vizard

Advertising is having a “crisis moment”, according to the president of the Advertising Association (AA) Andy Duncan. The industry body’s own report found that people are more likely to recommend a career in banking than advertising, with it urging the industry to prove it can act responsibly, as well as boost the economy.