Fedex launches global advertising campaign

Fedex Express has launched a global advertising campaign to highlight how the delivery company helps customers to access market opportunities. It breaks today (November 21) across the UK, France, Germany and India. 

The campaign, created by BBDO Worldwide, is based around the themes of “access, success and growth”. It aims to show how Fedex helps companies to “realise potenital opportunities – whether those prospect are in their local communities or around the globe.” 

The press ads will be supported by an online campaign, including the “behind the scenes” story of the ads. The digital work has been developed by Atmosphere, which is part of BBDO North America. 

It will also be rolled out in key markets such as Italy, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. 

Rajesh Subramaniam, Fedex senior vice-president, international marketing, says: “Theis new advertising campaign exteneds the strong legacy of the Fedex brand globally by reinforcing our commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience consistly around the world.”


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