Feeling a bit blue today? What about a bit green and triangular?

What shape are you? And what does this say about your personality? Well Bupa can help you find out. The health insurance provider has tapped into the popularity of those internet quizzes that claim to reveal all your innermost truths (come on, don’t pretend you’ve never done one) as part of its latest campaign to find out “what makes you… well, you”, highlighting the personal service it provides.

Visit www.bupaworld.com and follow the simple instructions to see what shape and colour your personality reflects. And it’s not just a load of made-up twaddle – the symbolism of the shape and colours have been worked out under the watchful eye of Dr Aric Sigman, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. With a name like that how could anyone doubt him?

The theory, used in psychology, is that by understanding who we are we can live well-balanced lives and not feel like “square pegs in round holes”.

Also, if you spread the word of the shape test using the “tell a friend” link on the site, not only can you and your friends wallow in the satisfaction of justified self-awareness, but Bupa will donate 10p to Marie Curie Cancer Care.


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