Ferrero Rocher reviews its £6m advertising business

Chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher has started a hunt for an advertising agency, ahead of a big-budget Christmas TV commercial.

Ferrero rocher campaign
Ferrero rocher campaign

The account, worth an estimated £6m, is currently handled by WCRS , which won the business in 2005 when the brand wanted to distance itself from the cliched image created by its infamous Ambassador ads.

The most recent campaign created by WCRS included the ’Food of the Gods’ advert featuring the gods of Olympus celebrating Easter by giving their succulent and heavenly Ferrero Rocher chocolates to those on earth as gifts to enjoy.

Last year Ferrero Rocher launched a £5m marketing push for its Christmas collections in an attempt to gain a major slice of the seasonal confectionary market and to remind consumers that to remind consumers that ’Christmas isn’t Christmas without Ferrero’.

It also signed up presenter and actress Amana Holden for its Christmas campaign last year.

As part of the deal, Holden held a Christmas carol night at Westfield shopping centre beneath the brand’s giant Christmas tree

The chocolate brand, which is owned by Ferrero UK, also owns brands including, Tic Tac mints, Nutella chocolate spread and Kinder Surprise chocolate.

WCRS first won a place on the Ferrero company roster in November 2001 when it was appointed to the Kinder Bueno account in the UK, which was worth £4.5m.

The appointment of WCRS was a result of a shift in marketing policy by Ferrero, after the company decided to shift its advertising over to agencies.

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