Fiat adverts misled public over cost of greener cars

Fiat%20advertFiat has been forced to withdraw press ads promoting the green credentials of its cars because the prices of models featured and CO2 emission levels did not match.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the ads were in breach of its guidelines after it received complaints that they were misleading.

The ads, which were created by Krow, depicted four different Fiat models, which were listed with price and specifications. However, although the pictured cars matched the specifications, three out of the four of the prices were for models with considerably higher CO2 emissions.

The ASA also investigated a Department for Transport radio ad warning drivers about the dangers of using a mobile when behind the wheel after receiving complaints that it distracted listeners while they were driving.

The ad, created by Abbot Mead Vickers.BBDO, featured the sound of a mobile ringing followed by a police siren but the ASA ruled that the ad did not constitute a dangerous distraction.

Meanwhile, a TV ad for health insurance provider HSA created by Swordfish PR has been banned because it misled viewers.

The execution featured a woman fretting about the cost of treatments, including dental work for her children.

The ASA ruled the NHS offers free dental treatment for under 18s and the company has a two-year moratorium on existing health problems.


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