Fiat launches eco-friendly programme

Fiat is launching a new computer application which will allow owners of selected Fiat models to develop more eco-friendly driving habits. The application called ecoDrive will be available from today (October 8).

Drivers will be able to download the programme from a dedicated website created by digital agency AKQA. It will then allow them to collect data on a USB stick and view information about their driving style, fuel consumption and emission of pollutants on their PC.

It will be able to suggest tips on daily routes and tricks that can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

The Bluetooth-based system called Blue&Me, developed jointly by Fiat and Microsoft, will also give drivers hands-free control over digital music players, mobile telephones and other devices.

Fiat head of digital marketing, Luis Cilimingras, says: “Drivers want to save money, especially in the midst of the current economic situation. This is the first time drivers will be able to know how efficiently they drive and get useful tips to improve their driving style.”


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