Fiat launches first mobile ad campaign

Fiat is launching its first mobile phone-based advertising campaign. It will promote its Fiat 500 model. The six-week campaign will aim to drive potential customers to the company’s WAP site.

The campaign was created by Phone Valley, an agency which specialises in mobile phone marketing. Customers will be invited to take a photo of Fiat’s national press ads on their mobile phone and send it to a dedicated number to receive details of the Fiat 500 and its fuel saving technology, eco:Drive, via a text link to the mobile internet site.

Fiat have partnered with MSN, BSkyB and SnapNow, the mobile visual search service, to create the campaign. A banner ad on Sky and MSN’s mobile site will take customers directly through to the Fiat 500 WAP site.

“We will be making more of the Fiat 500 and eco:Drive with these interactive adverts, and the technology we are offering from our products is reflected in the technology of the marketing methods we are using,” says Fiat UK marketing director Elena Bernardelli.


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