Fiat Professional unveils “whole new approach to marketing”

Fiat Professional is to unveil a new campaign focusing on a sitcom to promote its range of vehicles, which it claims will be the start of “a whole new approach to marketing.”

The commercial vehicle arm of Fiat Group Automobiles UK has commissioned the filming of a new sitcom, called The Fleet, which will get its first three minute airing in a special centre commercial break during News At Ten next Monday (15 March).

It will be the first episode of the comedy, with nine further 3-4 minute episodes planned for broadcast on the Internet. Support will come from digital advertising, press and radio and even a live performance at a launch event at Stoke Place, Berkshire.

Fiat says “the campaign has come from a simple observation: while the van market has moved on in terms of its product, the same has not happened in communication.”

“We needed a radical approach to marketing, in a sector that has been hit hard by the recession, is incredibly competitive and where we are a relatively small brand,” says Gerry Clarke, director, Fiat Professional UK. “This is a completely new idea for us and it’s particularly special that the first episode of The Fleet is broadcast during the news’ centre break – currently News At Ten doesn’t even have a centre break!”

The campaign has been created by krow, which was appointed to handle the £3.5m Fiat Professional UK advertising account in February.

“We want to show we really understand our target market, and give ourselves the opportunity of starting a relationship with them,” says Nick Hastings, creative director, krow. “So writing a comedy series about them felt like a good place to start.”

The sitcom follows the trials and tribulations of Pete – played by comedy actor Phil Cornwell – the fleet manager of Lightfoot Logistics. The “hilarious script” has been designed to “cleverly carry a strong marketing message from Fiat Professional.”


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