Field marketing is not a fiction

The article “Fielding Discussion” (MW September 19) raised a serious issue within field marketing. Andrew Marsden of Britvic states that field marketing is “just a posh word for selling”, while Mike Garnham from Headcount suggests that the Field Marketing Council could possibly be renamed the Sales Council; all very interesting, but it misses the point about the work we do and is detrimental to the industry.

Yes, sales is the ultimate object for “everything marketing” but when we examine each separate discipline, they are differentiated through approach and the channel they take to market. This is why we have built up a marketing fraternity with specific types of skills.

MHP works very hard with clients, through field marketing activity, to influence consumer selection and drive brand personality. As far as I am concerned, this is not “sales” per se – it is focused, strategic and long-term. If others want to reclassify field marketing as sales, then good luck to them, but MHP for one won’t be following suit and I’m sure that within “the industry” such a move would be as popular as orange juice at the Oktoberfest.

Sharon Richey

Managing director

MHP Field Marketing

London SW1


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