Fill the global marketing Gap

It was heartening to see Gap recognising the critical role that marketing can play in driving growth (Gap unveils global CMO in management overhaul,

It will be interesting to see how Gap’s new creative leadership structure will fare in delivering the sustainable global growth that Rosie Baker’s article alludes to. To do this, it is vital that the new global CMO and his team invest in sustainable marketing capabilities.

A world-class global marketing team should have the capabilities to be able to provide clarity on the target audience and brand positioning. This is something that the Gap brand appears to need as it is in danger of being seen as all things to all people and risks meaning nothing to nobody. If it can tighten up what the brand stands for and get the fundamentals of marketing in place, then it stands a chance of regaining its former appeal in a highly competitive market.

Michele McGrath
Partner, Brand Learning



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Lara O'Reilly

ABC: The Women’s Fashion and Lifestyle sector continues to rise, with year-year circulation increasing 6.7% 7,028,240 across all titles, according to the latest ABC figures for June to December 2010.


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