Finding the perfect celebrity match

Barely an hour passes without an announcement of a celebrity partnership deal. It seems, like the general public, brands can’t get enough of them.

Jo Roberts
Jo Roberts

Choosing a celeb to match a brand’s values can sometimes come second to who’s the hottest celebrity in town right now. But Millward Brown believes it has found a way to make sure a brand and celebrity are perfectly matched.

The research agency has enlisted a 2,000-strong panel, which it will quiz on a quarterly basis about celebrities and brands. It wants to find out from a consumer panel how they view famous faces and how they describe a brand’s personality. This information will be fed into a tool which is supposed to find the brand its perfect celebrity match.

The first set of findings certainly throws up some interesting results. Katie Price, AKA Jordan, is apparently a perfect match for Pot Noodle. Her anti-hero status is apparently perfect for the cheeky snack brand. Those who want to play it safe and appeal to a wide set of consumers should plump for Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole or David Beckham.

The aim of the Cebra study tool is to get rid of the guesswork. Instead of trying to work out what you think consumer’s think about celebrities, and indeed a brand’s personality, the panel is supposed to tell it how it really is.

Whether brokering a celebrity/brand partnership deal is as straightforward as using a research tool remains to be seen. But in a celebrity obsessed culture, finding the perfect match is vital to ensure a brand gets the most value out of its famous face.

You can find out more about finding the perfect celebrity march by clicking on the link here


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