First BB results are herd from the dairy room

Channel 4 could have saved everyone who registered their votes for the remaining four dullards left in the Big Brother house last Friday night a lot of time and energy, had it just used the results from “Big Udder 2003”.

Over the past six weeks FRijj Milkshake – the official Big Brother snack – has allowed 50 of its Friesians to choose which of the housemates they’d like to evict. The result of the final cow vote had a familiar ring: Orkney virgin Cameron in first place, Ray second, Scott third and Steph last, echoing the result of the “real” vote.

FRijj marketing manager Paul Davies says: “They’re a discerning herd. I’m sure they voted for Cameron because he came across as a genuinely nice bloke, rather than other housemates who more obviously milked the audience.” Maybe so, but the fact that the Orkneys is one of the few places in the UK not to have a McDonald’s must surely have done more to swing the cows’ vote.


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