Brands can afford to be creative this Christmas

Rosie Baker

Christmas is just around the corner and the outlook for the retail sector is decidedly chilly. But despite the pressure on household budgets I want to see brands give the relentless price message a rest and spread a little joy in their festive campaigns. I’ve tried to delay writing about predictions for retail performance this […]


Effective DM depends on deep data mining

Branwell Johnson

Effective direct marketing is inextricably linked with strong data mining and deployment of analytics. So it is no great surprise that many of the winning entries in Marketing Week’s Data Strategy Awards 2011 cited DM campaigns – both traditional print mailers and email. Taking a stroll through the 17 categories, the Scottish Government Organ Donor […]


Giving context to calorie information

MaryLou Costa

There’s a time and place for guiltily tucking into a McDonald’s meal. Understanding that time andplace will be made easier as food brands are more forthcoming about presenting calorie information.McDonald’s is adding calorific content information to its menus for customers, just as the Governmentannounces that British people need to shave 100 calories a day off […]