First:utility challenges the ‘big six’ with smart meters

First:utility, the independent energy company, is seeking to challenge the “big six” energy suppliers by offering consumers a range of time-sensitive tariffs and Smart Metres.

The company will start selling gas to residential customers this week, after launching with an electricity offer at the end of last year.

The supplier is launching a print advertising campaign in the next month that will focus on its Smart Meter, which it supplies to customers as standard.

First:utility also offers three “time-of-day” tariffs, with an evening rate that it claims is cheaper than average tariffs from the major gas and electricity suppliers.

The company’s meters allow customers to see how much their energy use is costing at any given time, and provides 100% accurate bills, rather than estimated bills.

Customers can manage their supply by switching off non-essential consumption and switching on when a cheap rate applies.

The company has appointed marketing agency Marvox to create the advertising, and is in talks with the agency about a potential television campaign. The company is also negotiating with a number of utility supplier comparison websites, such as uSwitch, to incorporate its tariff programme.

First:utility co-founder and chief executive Mark Daeche was also co-founder of First Telecom, before its sale to Atlantic Telecom.


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