Fisher Price sales maintain Mattel profits

Mattel has reported a slight rise in third quarter profits despite a 1% drop in sales of flagship brand, Barbie. Strong sales of Fisher Price and the American Girl brand helped to hold up profits over the period.

The toy maker’s profits rose from £137.5m last year to £147.8m in the third quarter with 4% rise in sales of Fisher price toys and 11% rise in sales of American Girl toys. Mattel’s net sales internationally rose 6% from £1.06bn while sales in the US increased by 4%.

The company adds that Barbie posted modest growth in the US but worldwide gross sales fell leading to the 1% decline.

Earlier this year, Mattel won a case against MGA Entertainment, owner of Bratz dolls, after Mattel claimed it owned the name and design of Bratz dolls. It claimed that Bratz creator Carter Bryant has created the dolls when he was still working for Mattel.


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