Flake replaces sexy girl for artistic depiction

Cadbury has unveiled a £3.5m advertising campaign for Flake, which replaces the “Only the Crumbliest, Flakiest” jingle, with images of a yellow dress becoming a Flake chocolate.

The ad, created by agency Fallon, and set to launch tomorrow (8 June) on Channel 4 shows a model spinning slowly, with the ruffles of her yellow dress swirling around her and eventually becoming the chocolate bar. The ad is being placed by media agency PHD and can be seen here (above).

Phil Rumbol, soon to depart as Cadbury’s UK marketing director, says: “For the past 8 months the UK Cadbury team have been working on creating a new campaign that helps give Flake a fresh, contemporary approach. We wanted to focus on the beauty of the product rather than just the sensuality of eating it, and this new campaign helps give a stunning and emotive representation of the product and the delicate experience of eating a Flake.”

“Flake is still a unique product that is still going strong in its 90th year, it has an amazing heritage and we wanted to create something contemporary, yet timeless”

The campaign follows a successful sales promotion partnership with Benefit in March 2010, where the brand gave away one million lipsticks.



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