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Butter sales have declined over the past 40 years, thanks to the reduced popularity of home baking, and this has been exacerbated by low-fat diets and the increasing use of more convenient dairy spreads. Anchor reasserted itself as a brand leader, giving consumers a clear reason to choose the brand over own-label or butter substitutes by
positioning the brand as “free-range butter”. 

Anchor cows graze outside all year round and, unlike most cows, are never crowded into concrete floored sheds. Free-range cows give free-range milk, which makes the butter distinctive. TV, press and poster advertising, new pack design, online activity and a cross-promotion in-store with free-range eggs all carry the free-range message to the target audience of “natural providers”, who won’t compromise wholesome, authentic food for the sake of convenience. 

A loyalty reward scheme allowed consumers to claim goodies, such as a cow kite or mini baking kit. “The free-range butter” idea has helped turn Anchor into a hundred-million-pound brand for the very first time. 

Although the global dairy crisis resulted in an average 32% price increase across all Anchor products in 2007, there was little defection tocheaper own-label options. 


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