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The Festival of Marketing: Inspired by the Modern Marketing Manifesto, our new event has five core strands with 150 presentations, panels, roundtables, debates and much more.

festival of marketing

Dates: 8-10 October 2013
Venues in London: Old Billingsgate, Old Truman Brewery, Grange Hotel, Egg London
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A single event ticket is £349 and the full Festival pass is only £495


Marketing Week and its sister brands are delighted to announce that a new event – The Festival of Marketing is on the way. The festival will be an incredible celebration of marketing with a number of strands designed to explore, provoke, excite and inspire. 

The planned extravaganza takes place from 8 to 10  October 2013 and involves all of Centaur’s marketing and creative brands – Marketing Week, Econsultancy, Design Week and Creative Review – and will banish any autumnal blues. Alongside five core interconnected events will be a number of fringe events, including a Modern Marketing Leaders dinner and the Marketing Frenzy final evening party.

The recently launched Modern Marketing Manifesto (see Modern Marketing Manifesto, below) is the springboard for sessions within the five key strands. The content of the manifesto, which was finessed and honed with the help of reader feedback and the input of senior marketers, will be brought to life with more than 150 programmed presentations, panels, roundtables, debates and much more.

All the elements that contribute to the marketing mix, from creativity and design to the capabilities of new technologies and sources of innovation, will be included in the festival. During the week, marketers will have the chance to re-engineer the entire marketing discipline from the ground up. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network and relax in the fringe events that feature a series of parties, music, comedy, charity challenges and breakfast briefings.

Our profession is going through a turbulent change often fuelled by digital and technology innovation

Econsultancy’s chief operating officer Charlie Salter says: “Following the publication of our Modern Marketing Manifesto, the Festival of Marketing is aimed at providing a content-rich, inclusive and fun environment for marketers to learn, debate and exchange ideas on what it takes to be a modern marketer of the future. 

“Nobody doubts that our profession, and the tools available to it, are going through a time of turbulent change and disruption often fuelled by digital and technology innovation. The role of the Festival of Marketing is to both celebrate that change as well as provide marketers with the skills, contacts and insights they’ll need to navigate through it.”

Branwell Johnson, acting editor of Marketing Week, adds: “There are new channels and platforms appearing on a weekly basis and marketers have limited budgets so tough decisions have to be made. There is also a huge debate over what is the right balance between art and science to create successful marketing. The festival will explore these issues and a lot more of the challenges facing the modern marketer.”

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), there are 700,000 people working in marketing in the UK but Salter says that the community does not yet have a true festival that celebrates marketing, its successes and even its significant contribution to UK plc.

The festival already has the support of a number of trade bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Direct Marketing and the PRCA. 

The festival will take place in venues near Tower Bridge in London. Salter says: “It’s not spread out over London but concentrated within a mile of Tower Bridge at various venues, thus allowing marketers to dip into the keynotes, workshops, parties or meetings that best suit their diaries and career needs.” 

The five key events are: 

8 October 2013 


Old Billingsgate
16 Lower Thames Street 

This event brings together the latest thinking on the complementary nature of marketing and sales in the B2B arena. The sales pipeline fuels a company’s entire business but for too many B2B companies, the processes managing that pipeline are more suited to the 1970s than to a world defined by Google, Twitter, Android and iPads. Sales and marketing teams that work together to streamline their revenue generation processes are running circles around their slower competitors. 

Funnel will help delegates get to grips with the strategies, tactics and technologies that are changing the way sales and marketing work together in B2B and ‘considered purchase’ markets.

9 October 2013 



Old Billingsgate
16 Lower Thames Street

The customer experience needs to be at the heart of marketing strategy and the lines are now well and truly blurred between offline and online customer behaviour. Smart marketers are now thinking about omnichannel and multiscreen experiences. 

At Jump, marketers will share best practice about the customer experience, brand, data and analytics, and their affect on businesses.

10 October 2013 



Old Truman Brewery
15 Hanbury Street 

Data has taken centre stage in the battle for a competitive edge between brands. Winners will be those able to turn data into actionable insight the fastest.

Crunch will look at exploring five key topics where data meets marketing by way of valuable case studies and debate. These are analytics, marketing automation, ‘Big Data’, social data and behavioural marketing.

10 October 2013 


Old Truman Brewery
15 Hanbury Street 

The importance of creativity and the ‘big idea’ remains paramount for brands seeking to engage customers. The debate over whether marketing is an art or a science has rumbled on for some time and although there may be no definitive answer, any opportunity to hear the informed views of senior practitioners on how to work creatively within the data-driven landscape should be a must-attend. 

The event includes an Oxford Union-style debate curated by Creative Review and a host of case studies showing the role of creative in the new technological environment. Punch will be co-located and cross-fertilised with Crunch  to bring marketing art and science together in one place.

10 October 2013 


Andaz Hotel
Liverpool Street 
40 Liverpool Street 

An exclusive invitation-only roundtable event, Digital Cream FX is an opportunity for senior client-side digital marketers to discuss best practice and the reality of digital marketing with the industry’s top experts. 

There will be the opportunity too for marketers to network and learn from peers across various industries and benchmark where they are within their organisation.

Modern Marketing Manifesto

Strategy – marketers’ understanding of markets, products, customers and positioning must play a vital role in shaping strategy.

Commercial marketers must know where money is being made and why in addition to knowing how to measure and optimise key commercial metrics.

Customer experience improving the customer experience is the marketer’s relentless focus;  customer-centricity is shown by the service or product that you provide across all channels.

Integrationmarketers must think about the whole customer experience and the multiple screens and touchpoints that control it and mediate it.

Brand marketers need a strong brand and must communicate authentically as they no longer control the message, consumers do.

Data marketers turn data into insight and action to be a source of customer, competitive and marketing advantage.

Personalisationmarketers respect the privacy of their customers and recognise that they must deliver valuable and relevant messages in exchange for personal data.

Technologymarketers are comfortable and adept at procuring and using technology to best advantage.

Creativemarketers tell stories as much as they understand data and believe in the power of emotions and the irrational just as much as the rational.

Content marketers believe great content reinforces a brand’s credibility and authenticity in what it stands for, believes in and cares about.

Social marketers believe in changing their business culture to be social and engaging with colleagues and customers.

Charactermodern marketers are ethical, accountable, passionate and collaborative.

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We need a joined up approach to ad misplacement

Josie Allchin

Right message, right person, right time. It’s an advertising truism that has survived the test of the years. Despite media having moved on significantly since it was coined, I’ve seen it mentioned time and time again in digital presentations. However, in many ways there could be something missing, or at least lost within it. It has always been important to brands for their ads to appear in the right context, but this is becoming increasingly hard for them to control in what has almost become a cliche to describe as a fragmented digital ecosystem.