Football report is missing, presumed read

Concerned moralisers have long contended, to little avail, that professional footballers’ poor behaviour on and off the pitch is contributing to a rise in yobbishness among the nation’s youth. The Diary has at last found evidence that these Cassandras may be partly right – but it’s not impressionable teenagers who are being led astray.

For the recent “Soccer Investor’s Football Finance Workshop”, held at the rather grand Carlton Club in St James’s, International Marketing Reports managing director Simon Rines provided a sample copy of his company’s Football Sponsorship & Commerce report, clearly marked “Inspection copy only – retail price &£495”.

However, one delegate was so impressed that he (or she) decided to inspect it at their own leisure. And Mr Rines hasn’t seen the report since.

It seems that, rather than filtering down the age spectrum, sport’s miscreancy may be filtering upwards and, having infected the likes of certain Premiership managers, such behaviour is invading the boardrooms.


Tesco adds Food Club to loyalty portfolio

Marketing Week

Tesco is launching a Food Club, which will entitle Clubcard holders to a free magazine and special offers. The supermarket already runs a Kids Club, a Baby and Toddler Club, a Healthy Living Club and a World of Wine Club. Clubcard holders are being sent an invitation to join the Food Club, with a coupon […]

People assets must be figured out some way

Marketing Week

Alan Mitchell quite rightly has concerns about the effects of the new international accounting standards (MW February 17), but to dismiss measuring return on investment as proof of the “Marie Celeste mindset gaining ground”, goes too far. Intangible assets such as people attributes are critical. Research from Aon suggests that physical assets represent less than […]

Iris faces review of T-Mobile direct marketing business

Marketing Week

T-Mobile is set to review part of its £10m below-the-line business held by Iris. The agency handles retail and channel development work for the mobile operator in the UK. T-Mobile says it is standard practice to review its agency arrangements every year, but Marketing Week understands the company has been talking to below-the-line agencies about […]


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