Footie views are a load of dribble

I am writing in response to Iain Murray’s column (MW January 22), in which he describes football fans “like a bunch of halitosis-ridden extras in a spaghetti western… foul tribes of hate-filled, drunken, obscenity-chanting uglies”.

This is tabloid journalism designed to provoke. And it is simply discriminatory, blinkered, and insulting to the large majority of football fans who follow football as modest individuals, lovers of the game, sober, non-racist, non-foul-mouthed supporters.

Moreover, the failings of the football industry are not the fault of fans. To speak of them as anything but victims reflects the ignorance of the writer.

I am surprised that a publication representing an industry based on understanding and staying close to consumers allows a misguided fool to write blatant and inflammatory untruths about them.

I look forward to reading your views on this.

Simon Ford

Head of market research




(and Tottenham Hotspur season ticket holder)


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