Footy launch speech hits the posts

If a little knowledge is a bad thing, Bob Brandon clearly feels that no knowledge at all is a safer option.

Brandon is the chairman and chief executive of International Sports & Entertainment Concepts, which is planning to build a 35m football hall of fame in Disneyland Paris called the International Football Hall of Champions.

The urbane American boasted at the launch that the building’s facilities will include exhibition areas, restaurants, cafés and shops.

All of this would have been more convincing had Mr Brandon not talked about a mini football pitch where the public will be able to test their skills against a “goaltender”.

A confused silence settled upon the gathered scribes. It was then that FIFA director of communications Keith Cooper whispered in his companion’s ear and, without missing a beat, Mr Brandon looked up and said: “Make that goalkeeper”.

The Diary has a sinking feeling that basketball star Michael Jordan will make his way into this football hall of fame.


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