Forget Lewis Hamilton, the Grand Prix really worth winning is awarded to a UK agency for the first time

Over the past month several words have been calculated to reduce die-hard fans of English sport to tears; words such as “football”, “rugby” and “Grand Prix”. However, integrated marketing agency Space has done its bit to reclaim the association of “Grand Prix” with celebrations.

On October 15 three employees of the agency attended the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide (MAAW) Globe Awards in Las Vegas, a ceremony that recognises the best marketing campaigns around the world. Space was there because of its Eurostar Quest campaign that promoted Eurostar’s partnership with the release of the Da Vinci Code film. The agency came away from the ceremony weighed down with six awards for the campaign: one Globe, three silvers, one bronze and the big one, the Grand Prix. It was the first time that a UK agency has won the main prize.

The Space team, and one employee from client Eurostar, then made the most of their triumphant three days in Vegas drinking, gambling, shooting semi-automatic machine guns and accosting Antonio Fargas (the original Starsky and Hutch Huggy Bear) and informing him about their great win.


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