Forget the water, let’s have a shave

It appears the record-breaking temperatures last summer made a few field marketers forget which country they live in. Take, for instance, the Highland Spring/VisitScotland team handing out free bottles of Highland Spring last week to commuters (MW June 24).

The water was intended to help cool down commuters left parched by the sub-tropical conditions on London’s Underground in the summer. But while the water was being distributed inside the station, the inevitable storms and gales were howling outside. Maybe they should try Bovril next year.

Gillette, it seems, has a better idea. Unsuspecting shoppers in Soho’s Poland Street are being dragged off into a record shop by what the company describes as “very fit birds”, to be shaved to within an inch of their lives by Gillette’s new M3 Power razor. The girls will be there for the next two weeks, and, having seen the girls , so will the Diary.


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