Former BSkyB marketing chief to lead GreenBottle

Environmentally-friendly firm GreenBottle has appointed former BSkyB marketing director Andy Brent to lead a senior management team setup to exploit the sales opportunities it hopes its bottle design will bring.


The creators claim that the predominately paper bottle offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles but with the same “strength, versatility and low cost characteristics”.

Managing director Brent will be joined by chairman Paul Bateman, a former senior Boots executive, and technology director Martin Myerscough, the inventor of GreenBottle.

Brent says that feedback from consumers has been positive.

“We’re very excited about the prospects for this amazing piece of design,” he adds.

Advertising agency Mother has taken an undisclosed stake in the business and will handle its brand positioning and marketing communications.

GreenBottle has signed a deal with the Marybelle dairy in Suffolk that will see GreenBottles in selected stores across East Anglia. A full national roll-out is expected at a later date.

Milk in GreenBottles will also be delivered door-to-door by local milkmen.

Marketing activity to support the regional roll-out includes sampling from customised GreenBottle milk floats, educational activity via local schools and community centres, and themed events activity in town centres.


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