Foster’s to review UK advertising account

Heineken UK has put the UK advertising account for Foster’s up for pitch.

Fosters advert
Fosters advert

The account, which is worth an estimated £7m, has been put into review. M&C Saatchi is the incumbent on the account. The agency has held the account for 14 years and will repitch for the work.

Foster’s was acquired by Heineken in 2008, following a joint takeover deal of some Scottish and Newcastle brands in January 2008 with Carlsberg.

The brand has traditionally positioned itself as an Australian beer. Foster’s current television and cinema advertising carries the strapline “Get some Australian in You.”

Last month, it extended this by launching an Australia Day game card promotion in pubs and clubs.

Heineken has committed to continued investment in marketing despite spending less in the first half of the financial year.

The review, being handled by the AAR, will not affect M&C Saatchi’s work on Kronenebourg, which is also overseen by Scottish & Newcastle, Foster’s previous owner.



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