Founder of Maggie Semple on why visionaries should dare to be different

Maggie Semple talks about what it takes to be a visionary and why she admires small businesses.

We spoke to Maggie Semple, founder of  Maggie Semple LTD and one of our Vision 100 on what it takes to be a visionary.

Semple said that being a visionary is daring to be different, daring to be brave and sometimes being slightly disruptive. She said she could not name anyone in particular that she admires but that she admires the qualities of small businesses, as they are “dynamic and surprise you.”

She said the fact her team believe in what the brand is trying to do and that they act as ambassadors for the brand, are the main factors that help her perform better in her job.

Semple said that in her line of work it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes if the intention was out of concern for something greater.

Watch the video to find out more on what qualities Semple thinks visionaries require and why she thinks there will become a point when Maggie Semple will have to think much bigger than it is now.




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