Fox’s axes Millionaire’s Shortcake name in favour of simpler name

Fox’s Biscuits is renaming its Millionaire’s Shortcake range as Caramel Shortcake in a bid to broaden its appeal to consumers.

Caramel Shortcake

The move comes as the biscuit manufacturer rebrands its “luxurious Chocolatey range” and also reintroduces the Shortcake Rounds variant, in an effort to encourage “more regular consumption and increased frequency of purchase.”

The new range will be marketed through PR support within the trade and consumer media, focusing on raising awareness of both products via lifestyle and trade publications.

Fox’s claims it is making the change in a bid to demonstrate its commitment to driving the grown up indulgence (GUI) biscuit segment and hopes its new packaging will help “consumers shop the luxury biscuits fixture, and easily find their favourite chocolate varieties.”

Both Caramel Shortcake and Shortcake Rounds will also both have a Fox’s tag stamped into the round chocolate top of each biscuit.

Rachel Moffatt, Fox’s brand sector director, says: “Grown up indulgence accounts for 8% of the sweet biscuit category and is currently worth £123m and growing at 3.4% year on year. Due to our commitment to making a ’better class of biscuit’, Fox’s is already dominating the GUI category and is in a strong position to deliver significant growth to GUI and, in turn, to the overall sweet biscuit market, thanks to the new Chocolatey range.”

“According to our research, we already know consumers strongly approve of the changes to the range, and have a strong intention to purchase, so retailers should ensure they take advantage of this profit opportunity and stock up to suit demand.”


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