Fragrant release with scratch and sniff CDs

A new product launch may soon enable a quick stroke of your best Texas CD to release a whiff of Charlene Spiteri’s freshly-washed hair, or a quick rub of your Meatloaf album could spread the scent of, er, meatloaf.

CD and DVD manufacturer Sonopress has come up with the “Sniffadisc” scented CD. It is fitted with invisible perfume capsules, which are released by rubbing or scratching the label.

Sonopress scratch and sniff CDs can be impregnated with a plethora of pongs from fruity and floral to spicy – including Christmas cake and pizza – and “exotics” such as cheese, petrol stations, leather and chocolate.

Other fragrances can be made up on request, so you could soon experience the heady aroma of the rock concert mosh pit every time you listen to your Ozzy Osborne CD or relax with the scent of a freshly-picked Bob Marley album.


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