Frail economy is just the time to invest

With the initial shock of the recession having passed, companies must realise that now is the perfect time to take prudent risks and invest in building a dynamic business that will trump competitors when the economy turns around – and it will.

It’s extremely important to take this opportunity to hire great people, focus on product development and make smart acquisitions and other investments that will allow companies to emerge from this economy stronger than when they entered it. Of course, keeping an eye on costs is important, but it shouldn’t be in opposition to building your business. Companies must realise that their competitors aren’t resting idle and neither should they. If companies can succeed in keeping their business healthy and profitable, they will have the flexibility to leap-frog ahead.

Now is the time to get a clear vision on the changes that can be made today that will have the biggest impact when spending goes up again in the next 12 – 18 months. Businesses won’t be able get this time back, so use it wisely.

Sam Cece,
StrongMail Systems


Kraft’s gorilla tactics

Marketing Week

While Kraft’s takeover bid for Cadbury (MW 21 January) most likely won’t affect global sales, in the UK, Kraft will have to tread carefully. The recession and death of British heritage brands such as Woolworths has without doubt led to a growing sense of loyalty towards British brands among the public.

3D potential spreads wider

Marketing Week

It’s interesting to hear the Pearl & Dean research results suggesting consumers are on the whole both positive and intrigued by 3D television and cinema, but yet to be truly blown away by it (Closer and More Personal with the Help of 3D, MW 21 January).


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