Frank Bruno and Trisha Goddard push for an end to mental health stigmas

Time to Change, the initiative run by charities Mind and Rethink, is launching a hard-hitting campaign fronted by Frank Bruno and Trisha Goddard, focused on bringing people face to face with their own prejudices.

The month-long campaign aims to eliminate mental health stigma and discrimination and includes press, outdoor and online advertising.

It will show the celebrities speaking out about the stigma they experienced as a result of their mental health problems.

Goddard and Bruno talk about reactions to their publicised psychiatric issues. Goddard contrasts the reactions to her depression with those she experienced when she had breast cancer: “Both experiences were horrible. But with breast cancer, people ran towards me with open arms and hugged me. With depression, people ran away.”

The campaign, created by MCBD, launches on 19 April and also includes a media partnership with The Mirror, including an eight-page supplement highlighting real-life stories and celebrity support.

“Schizo: The Movie”, a film trailer Time for Change created last year as a viral video challenging the stereotypes that link people with mental illness to violence, will be released in cinemas nationwide from 23 April. Posters, washroom panels and postcards in cinema foyers will also support the drive.

The campaign aims to encourage people to pledge to take a personal action that will contribute to ending mental health prejudice. Time for Change is launching a website where supporters can join celebrities including Mel C, Gok Wan and Trevor Nelson by adding their photo to a mosaic of faces online.


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