Free lunch arrives as mortified Isobel gets wind of ‘beansgate’

Never let it be said that advertising agencies are thin-skinned and don’t know how to respond to criticism. Take a story, already dubbed “beansgate”, that appeared in the Diary a couple of weeks ago bemoaning the lack of baked beans on offer at Isobel’s fireworks party.

After reading of the travails of those attending the do, where catering staff were allegedly less than generous when doling out toppings for baked potatoes, the mortified agency sprang into action.

In a moment of Uriah Heap-style ‘umbleness, the agency unctuously made up for the “Dickensian treatment” their “dearly beloved Marketing Week journalists” were subjected to.

Determined to show that beanz meanz Isobel, the agency dispatched a hearty supply of beans to the newsroom to ensure the hard-working reporters never go hungry again.

The generous gesture has been well received and staff have been tucking in, safe in the knowledge that, as the rhyme says, beans are very good for your heart, and everyone is now feeling much better.


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