From Playboy to playtime

As Rod Stewart once sang – some guys get all the breaks. And a glance at the new appointments in Hamleys marketing department certainly seems to prove the point.

Firstly, what could be better than scooping a nice new job at Hamleys just before Christmas? Could there be a jollier place to work over the festive period?So the new direct marketing manager must have been pleased as punch to land his role. Although he no doubt must have felt a pang or two of regret at having to leave his old employer, Playboy UK, where life was probably just as jolly – albeit in a different sort of way.

But who is this fortunate marketer who has swapped Playboy for Hamleys, displaying the kind of luck most of us would kill for? One Rowan Luckie. Luckie by name and lucky by nature it appears.


James Murdoch cuts the mustard

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Somerset House

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Website [] Address Strand, London, WC2R 1LA Contact The Corporate Events Department Telephone 00 44 20 7845 4618 Fax 00 44 20 7836 7613 Emai…


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