From Weightwatchers to Baywatch: the Myers diet

Concern about obesity is growing almost as fast as the nation’s waistlines, so when a prominent figure in the radio industry wrote in with his inspirational weight-loss story, the Diary felt duty bound to share it with readers, in the hope of shaming them into shape.

“Vain is not a word that usually comes into my vocabulary but after months of sweat and starvation to reduce my sizeable bulk to a much more impressive figure, I can’t tell you the pain it causes me to see old pictures of me popping up in your magazine (MW February 10). Clearly, someone at Marketing Week loves the bigger guy and while I appreciate that most women would tell you that once you have had fat you never look back, I would be grateful if the new me could be displayed in future, if only to please my doctor who must think I am back on the crisps!

PS. I am now available as David Hasselhoff’s body double, as you can see from the accompanying picture.” John will no doubt be appearing on Channel 4, complete with mail-order Ph.D. and spin-off book deal, soon.


An aphrodisiac to get your goat

Marketing Week

Horny Goat Weed is not the title of a book for small children, promoting the benefits of bladder-control through a charming cornucaprine allegory. And while it is an anagram of “hot woad energy”, that’s not why it is to be feared. The real reason the Diary is very worried, after the innocuous-looking jar appeared in […]


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