FSA launches salt reduction campaign

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is launching an advertising campaign today (5 October) to encourage consumers to pay more attention to the salt levels in foods.

FSA campaign

The television advert will break today on ITV1 during the commercial break of Emmerdale and focuses on pizza, pasta sauce, sandwiches and ready meals.

Print and radio ads will focus on bread, ketchup, cereal and pasta sauce.

In a survey carried out by the FSA as part of its ongoing salt reduction campaign, it found that more than 75% of people are not aware that bread and breakfast cereals are among the foods that contribute most salt to our daily diet.

The campaign highlights foods such as bread and breakfast cereals and urges consumers to check the labels as salt levels vary across brands.

As part of the campaign, the FSA has also created a free iPhone application and mobile webpage so that consumers can check the salt levels in foods as they shop.

The survey also revealed that 40% of people assume that value food ranges are higher in salt that branded alternatives, when in reality, value ranges often contain the least amount of salt.

Although 85% of people said they buy the same brand, over a quarter said they would change brands if a lower salt version was available.

UK citizens consume on average 8.6g of salt a day, more than the recommended 6g a day, but a gram less than when the FSA launched the campaign in 2004

Last week the FSA put out a tender to create a single corporate identity with the Meat Hygiene Service and is reviewing how it works with the Department of Health’s Change4Life initiative where dual branding is required.


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