FSauctions chases QXL

Freeserve auction channel has grown into major challenger, says survey

FSauctions, the Freeserve auction channel, has consolidated its position as the major challenger to QXL, according to MMXI Europe’s latest figures on UK Internet usage.

Simon Danciger, recently appointed as managing director of the auction channel, comments: “The July MMXI figures are proof that Freeserve continues to build on a winning formula. Not only was July our best month for visitor numbers, but we have now clearly established ourselves as the UK’s fastest growing major auction channel.

“Six months ago, QXL was attracting six times our visitor numbers. Last month, it achieved little more than twice our audience.”

As part of Freeserve, the UK’s leading portal, FSauctions (www.fsauctions.co.uk) has access to the UK’s largest online audience. This has helped it to build its inventory of everyday bargains, collectibles and entertainment auctions. Unlike QXL or eBay, FSauctions has not introduced upfront listing fees for sellers.

“Such fees deter Internet users from selling on auction channels and detract from the richness of items on offer,” says Danciger. “Freeserve prefers to encourage people to make use of the Net. Besides, attract the sellers and you attract the buyers.”

Aside from thousands of privately listed items, the channel also offers branded goods from over 100 merchant partners. Computers, electrical items and travel achieve particularly strong sell-through rates, says Danciger.

FSauctions has now outsourced its technical operations to Fairmarket, a US auction specialist which also works with Virgin Net, Dell, MSN, Excite and Lycos. “I’ve been very impressed with Fairmarket,” says Danciger. “It is undoubtedly a leader in software solutions behind auction sites, and is coming up with ideas that will take auctions to the next level.”

Danciger was previously business development director of the Freeserve auction channel. Before that, while at Air Miles, he was responsible for the development of the company’s client partnerships, including Sainsbury’s, Shell and the British Airways Executive Club.

He takes over from Stephen Wise, who has moved within Freeserve to head the portal’s growing e-commerce business.

Freeserve pipped BT to the post with the launch in August of the UK’s first consumer-focused broadband service – Freeserve Plus.


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