FT.com builds on newspaper

It’s a shame that Robert Dwek hasn’t yet enjoyed the benefits of the new features on FT.com (“FT turns new leaf but fails to challenge Wall Street Journal”, MW March 30), preferring the dull comfort of familiarity to richness and utility.

In wanting something “that resembles as nearly as possible the newspaper” to which he has been loyal for so many years, he is selling himself short.

The beauty of the Internet is that it frees publishers from print’s constraints of time and space. The FT audience only benefits from FT.com offering something more, something different, to that which goes out on newsprint each morning.

We take the editorial values of the Financial Times – accuracy, authority, integrity and a global perspective on business – and extend them with the immediacy, depth and interactivity of the web.

Not once a day but round the clock, FT.com combines the finest business news and analysis in the world, one of the best online libraries, an easy starting point for finding business resources on the web, great tools for managing business and personal life, and a place where that special community – FT readers – can talk to each other.

To restrict ourselves to the limits of newspapers at the expense of the wonders of the web would be a great disservice to loyal FT readers.

Paul Maidment




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