FT unveils integrated reader measurement model

The Financial Times is launching a new measurement model to calculate the global reach of the brand’s journalism, both online and offline, on an average day.

The estimated Average Daily Global Audience (ADGA) metric has been developed with the help of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and is designed to provide an audited global paid-for circulation number, which counts everyone that pays to consume FT content across print and online. Ultimately the plan is also to include e-readers.

ADGA uses syndicated national and regional readership surveys, unique user and browser data, FT research and ABCs circulation figures. Duplicated consumption is removed and PwC, which also audits the FT’s ABCs figures, provides independent assurance.

Media publishers and clients have long called for more accurate and integrated data on how readers engage with content. News International has suspended publishing ABCe data. The Times, which it publishes, is to set up a pay wall for its web content in June. Ft.com no longer works with ABCe.

Ben Hughes, global commercial director and deputy CEO at the FT, says: “We believe this audited data will increase transparency in the media industry. More importantly for the FT, it provides additional evidence that our daily audience is growing strongly and has now reached 1.9 million.”



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